Med din tillåtelse kan vi och våra leverantörer använda exakta uppgifter om geografisk positionering och identifiering via skanning av enheten. Du kan klicka för 

The Model 2 was released as early as 1986 . Here the aperture values could be transferred from the lens to the prism. This camera is an Exakta 66 in very nice and working condition. No damage. Everything works properly. 3 lenses. - Schneider Kreuznach tele Xenar mf 4/150 multicoating S. Lens is clear and clean inside.

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Prewar Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 10cm f/2 in Exakta 66 mount with Exakta 35 adapter attached. Date: 12/03/2010. Sep 9, 2013 - [AS IS] EXAKTA 66 MOD1 w/ 80mm F/2.8 MC Lens from JAPAN #596. Exakta 66 Mod 1 with 80mm Xenotar MF | eBay Kikare, Auktion, Ebay,. Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 10cm 100mm f/2 Lens for Prewar Exakta 66, super rare.

Ihagee: Exakta 66 (vertical) (1948) - 1953-1954. 120 film SLR camera. Newer model compared to the pre-war Exakta 66. Approximately 2500 cameras were 

Exakta 66 MOD 1 Medium format 6X6. Seller information. pendanda-0 .

Exakta 66 MOD3 This is the last incarnation of Pentacon Six system. Unlike its predecessor, Exakta has modern rubberized design & some improvements on the technical side (eg., mirror pre-release, bright viewfinder, original TTL metering system, spring lock on back cover).

Please tag or add in the description what lens you used as well. Thanks! 2015-11-19 · THE EXAKTA 66 MOD III. The Exakta 66 MOD III (model III) is a medium format camera introduced in 1997. Though the original Exakta 66 was produced by West German company Ihagee, the exact origins of the MOD II and MOD III are somewhat unclear. Exakta 66 Posted 10-3-'04 If you are looking for the other Exakta 6X6, check here.

Exakta 66

$149.99. Was: $299.99.
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Exakta 66

Ring 0705-73 66 61 eller mejla ulf.lindgren@exakta.se · ▻ GÖR EN  Den norra polcirkeln ligger på 66˚ 33' 46" N och södra polcirkeln på 66˚ 33' 46" S (år 2014). Polcirklarnas exakta lägen flyttas med något tiotal meter per år  NB Ident Top Vit/Guld 66x34.

Okt. 2008 Die Exakta 66 wurde als Neukonstruktion erstmals im Jahr 1938 vorgestellt. Mit der Mittelformat-Exakta für den Standard-Rollfilm 120 sollte  6.
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The Exakta 66 is based on the Pentacon Six but was made in West Germany by Exakta GmbH, Nuremberg.The body is rubber coated, the film advance lever moves through a shorter angle, and it has a TTL-metered prism coupled to new Schneider lenses.

The Exakta 66 is a single-lens reflex camera that shoots 6cm x 6cm photos on 120 film. The camera features a coated lens, a somewhat novel waist-level finder and a removable film back. The camera has no meter, which wasn't uncommon. Exakta Camera Photos/Articles.

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(1) 80mm lenses for the Exakta 66. There is much debate about the origin of these four 80mm lenses for the Exakta 66. The amount of information involved merits consideration on a separate page, which can be found here. (2) The lens designations are taken from the original Exakta 66 publicity brochure, from about 1984. The only Variogon lenses

1 Nov 2018 Lot 1223 - An Ihagee Exakta 66 (Post-War) Vertical SLR. For sale, EXACTA 66 equipped with the excellent Schneider Xenotar 80 mm/2.8, for those who do not know it is possible to mount all the Zeiss Jena optics of the  22 Mar 2019 The Exakta 66 is a medium format SLR camera from Exakta GmbH in Nuremberg . It was built in three models from 1984 to 2000. The Exakta  Jetzt über Exakta 66 mit Schneider Kreuznach Xenotar E 2,8/80mm Multicoating S bei SHphoto.de | dem Fotografie-Spezialisten informieren und online. This is an article on how to service the wind mechanism on the Exakta 66. Kiev MIR-26B 45mm 3.5 3.5/45 - Six TL Exakta 66 Kiev 60: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics.