Aarhus University’s School of Business and Social Sciences (BSS) is accredited by AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS for the school’s core business activities. This means that BSS is a Triple Crown accredited business school. Favorable tuition fees - tuition is free for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens.


Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University, Denmark. Värd: Erik Johansson. Zoom. Maj 18 -. Maj 25 - Pedro Brugarolas, Harvard Medical School and 

Aarhus University needs your permanent CPR number for merging the data connected to your temporary CPR number (your application and enrolment data) with the data connected to your permanent CPR number, including your address in Aarhus, which will be automatically updated through exchange of data between the Civil Registration System and Aarhus University. In 2012, Aarhus University's School of Engineering was merged with the university proper, making it Denmark's largest. [clarification needed] A major reorganisation of the university effective 1 Jan 2011 reorganised departments into four faculties: Arts, Science and Technology, Health, and Business and Social Sciences. Medical Schools › List of Medical Schools › Faculty of Health Sciences , Aarhus University Aarhus University (in Danish, Aarhus Universitet), located in the city of إrhus, Denmark, is Denmark's second oldest and second largest university (after the University of Copenhagen).

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CEO Hanne Everland. With approx. 14,400 full-time students, several thousand part-time students, almost 250 PhD students and more than 600 faculty members, Aarhus BSS ranks among the largest business schools in Europe. Aarhus BSS School of Business and Social Sciences Aarhus University Karolinska Institutet is one of the world’s foremost medical universities and is Sweden’s single largest centre of medical academic research, medical courses and programmes. Aarhus University Hospital welcome students for internships. We do not have a central organisation handling internships for students.

C.F. Møller Architects win an Architecture MasterPrize 2019 for best Healthcare Architecture in the category Architectural Design with 

About us Aarhus Universitet har et internationalt forskningsmiljø og tiltrækker dygtige forskere fra hele verden, så du skal være opmærksom på, at dele af undervisningen kan være på engelsk, og at der desuden ofte vil forekomme undervisningsmateriale på engelsk. However, the university had actually started teaching its first medical students to take what was known as "the medical science preparatory examination" as early as 1933.

Department of Chemistry. Aarhus University Langelandsgade 140 DK-8000 Aarhus C E-mail: chem@au.dk Tel: +45 8715 5345. CVR no: 31119103

Aarhus University Rankings. Aarhus University is ranked #105 in Best Global Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. Summer School for PhD students. The University of Glasgow hosts the Guild PGR Summer School as an online event. The overarching theme for the week will be research communication, encompassing many important topics relevant not only to the PhD experience, but also to future career plans. Aarhus University offers PhD programmes within a wide variety of fields.

Aarhus university medical school

360° tour of Aarhus University Take a 360° tour of Aarhus University and visit some of our favourite spots around campus to get an up-close view of your future university.
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Aarhus university medical school

For students; For PhD's; Medical Innovation Day; PhD Day; Research stay abroad; Rules and guidelines for the PhD study; Graduate School of Health.

Start your business studies in Denmark Study at a top 100 University. Aarhus BSS (School of Business and Social Sciences at Aarhus University) offers a wide range of degree programmes within the fields of economics, business, engineering, political science and communication at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level. Short description.
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Aarhus University (AU) is a top ten university among universities founded within the past 100 years. It has a long tradition of partnerships with some of the world's best research institutions and university networks. AU has a strong commitment to the development of society that is realised through its collaboration with government agencies and

It's well-deserved. If you've been thinking about going to medical school, you might be wondering just how you would Careers in the medical field range from hands-on (like EMTs) to admin (such as healthcare managers). Find the right program for you today!

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and Harvard Medical School; NatMEG, Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Peter Bakker (Aarhus University, Denmark) talar under rubriken "Genderlects.

Alfdex ABLund University School of Economics and Management. Helsingborg, Sweden43 Legal Professional | Studying European Studies (MA) at Aarhus University. Middle Jutland mag. nutr. / Medical Representative at Sandoz. Croatia.